So who are
Cahill & Campitiello?

A new kind of law firm for a new kind of business, focused in the areas that are most important to you, right now.

The way the world does business is constantly changing. Technological advances present endless opportunities for the modern business—and with each new opportunity comes a new set of threats and risks to combat. In today’s business environment, it’s not a matter of IF you will be faced with a data or security breach, it’s only a matter of WHEN. That’s why we have developed a distinctly different approach to business and employment law. With a unique emphasis in data security and forensic law, we make sure you are prepared for both the “if” and the “when.”

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  • Mark Twain said “whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect.” I constantly push to stay ahead of the crowd.

    Madeline Cahill
  • You work hard for your money and your time is valuable. I won't waste either.

    Larry Campitiello