Managing employees comes with risks. Whether you employ 1 or 1,000, without sound employment policies and procedures in place you leave yourself vulnerable to claims and lawsuits that otherwise may have been avoided.

As a firm focused on handling the many aspects of employment law, we protect employers from allegations such as sexual harassment, gender discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation in the workplace by implementing detailed and thorough personnel policies and procedures and being vigilant about training. We defend employers from Labor Code violation claims, including those related to wages, hours, overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, and working conditions by staying on the cusp of new laws and trends and advising clients so that they can stay in compliance as workplace standards and regulations transform.

When it comes time to part ways with business partners, we negotiate the purchase or sale of businesses, obtain injunctive relief to protect client trade secrets and proprietary information, and prosecute damage claims resulting from misappropriation. On the other hand, when your business is in growth mode, we can assist in the negotiation and documentation of executive employment agreements, vendor contracts, commercial leases, secured transactions and real estate acquisitions.

At the first sign of a problem in the workplace or a corporate disagreement, we evaluate the entire circumstance and the personalities of those involved so we can determine the most tactful and strategic approach to resolving the issue at hand, limiting further risks and liabilities to you, your company and your stakeholders.