Cyber Hackers. They threaten companies’ security systems every day. But the biggest threat to yours is sitting in your office right now.

With so much focus placed on protecting systems from the outside, internal threats are often overlooked, allowing your own employees and vendors to steal valuable information about your company, your employees and your clients with the click of a button.

We take a holistic approach to creating safe work environments, collaborating with teams that involve the in-house IT department, asset security group (both physical and intellectual property trade secret groups), in-house HR department, COO and outside consultants such as IT and forensic specialists.

As part of your data security team, we focus on the legal implications of a breach. We advise clients on best practices, policies and strategies to prevent against the threat of digital mayhem and work with you to implement post-breach strategies to limit liability and determine the appropriate course of action moving forward, particularly if legal action is required.