First and foremost we are legal strategists. We focus our practice on developing preventative strategies. But when litigation is determined to be the best or sometimes only option, we’re ready to take action. We use legal diagnostics and indicators to precisely identify and analyze the situation and develop a laser focused strategy to secure a successful resolution.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

When dealing with highly sensitive, complicated employment and business matters, legal counsel should always be involved from the onset. We build and lead teams who are experts in their own respective fields to formulate custom legal strategies for each client. We employ a hands on approach and work side-by-side with your key internal players and departments. Our value-oriented process is streamlined, effective and will revolutionize your expectations, and most importantly, provide positive results.

Our business is helping secure your business and we take that personally. That’s why we’re committed to four simple principles when it comes to client service:


We are wired to help businesses improve internal processes. We blend business savvy, industry intelligence, innovation and common sense to get things done right the first time.


The way you do business is constantly changing. That means the way we practice law must also change to align with an ever changing business environment. We thrive on providing our clients with inventive and effective strategies that improve and protect business operations.


Every client and each legal matter is distinct and requires a unique approach. We formulate innovative solutions that work for your specific legal matter, tailored to achieve your desired outcome.


We believe that you should only pay for the services you need. In designing legal strategies, we focus on finding the most cost effective, value-oriented approach to fit your needs.